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Governor Scott’s budget closes the Salisbury Hatchery

Governor Scott’s budget closes the Salisbury Hatchery, a source of brood stock for fisheries statewide.

You can ask him why he is no longer thinks investing in our fisheries is important here:

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CVTU Comments on Rule Change on Lamoille

CVTU Board was recently was made aware of a proposed fishing regulation to rescind the Lamoille River special trout regulation in Johnson/Hyde Park which has been in effect since 2007. The special regulation called for artificial lures and flies, size limit of 16 inches and daily limit of 2 trout. The 2007 special regulation was in place to improve the fishing quality for wild trout resulting in increased catch rates of larger trout. In January 2018, VT F&W received a petition with 135 signatures to rescind the regulation, which means that there would be no longer be restrictions in size and back to a six fish limit.

The Vermont TU Council is requesting the Board and Department study this proposal (to rescind the present regulation in greater detail before making a final decision.

Your CVTU Board members agreed with VT Council TU and sent comments on the Lamoille regulation. Please read the attached proposed letter to VT F&W.

February Chapter Meeting

February 8 Chapter Meeting: Come, watch and learn from Vermont’s own Gerry Herrera, nationally known as a premier fly tyer and regularly featured in Fly Tyer Magazine. Gerry will be tying an articulated deer hair fly inspired by Royce Dam's "Arctic Shrew."  It is tied with caribou hair, and uses what I call "raw hair" techniques.  There is no trimming or sculpting involved; you just tie clumps of hair on the hook!  It's a really fun fly,and is a great pike/bass fly.  For more info go to his website: Meeting starts at 7:00 pm at the Holiday Inn, Williston Rd.


CVTU Beginner's Fly Tying Classes!

CVTU invites you to learn fly tying or im­prove your fly tying skills this winter!  Fly tying classes are held at the Rotisserie on Williston Road starting December 10, 2018. Classes consist of instructor-led demonstrations and hands-on tutorials.  The courses are $30 which provides all materials needed in class.

Beginning Fly Tying classes start February 11, 2019 and is intended for those with limited previ­ous fly tying experience, including complete begin­ners.  General techniques needed as a founda­tion for fly tying are established, and basic but effective trout fly patterns are demon­strated and practiced.  An instructional booklet will also be provided. Contact Ryan Whitney ( for more information. Visit our website for dates and times.